About Me

Vital stats:

Location: Washington, DC

Areas of special interest and expertise: consumer attitudes and behavior, marketing to women, generational and psychographic marketing, sustainable transportation, fine and performing arts.

Obsessions: Sci-fi, vintage bicycles, jazz, art.

On writing:

I've been writing professionally (with pauses for education) since 1989. I believe that a highly skilled writer can write well about any subject and in any format. That doesn't mean there isn't a learning curve for delving into new subject matter, but in my experience (which includes editing the work of other writers), a good writer can quickly learn a new subject, while an expert in a subject can't necessarily learn to write well about it.

On women in advertising:

Since 1999, I have been an outspoken advocate for more realistic and positive messaging in advertising and marketing directed at women. During my tenure as Editor of Marketing to Women newsletter, I developed groundbreaking research studies analyzing the portrayal of women in print (2002) and TV (2006) advertising. It has been gratifying to see a shift toward greater diversity in images of women, and a more realistic portrayal of their lives.